Discover the powerful health benefits of Maitake mushroom powder

Discover the powerful health benefits of Maitake mushroom powder

Maitake Mushroom, also named Grifola frondosa, originates from Japan and means “dancing mushroom”. It is not only a part of the Japanese medicine, but also in the culinary. Its full of nutritious elements and it has exceptional medicinal benefits. Maitake was found in the wild and the name “dancing mushroom” comes from the reaction of its founders because of its wide curing benefits.

Maitake grows not only in Japan, but also in China and North America, especially in Canada. It has been studied in Western Europe in more recent decades and used to aid with cardiovascular health issues, metabolic conditions. Maitake mushroom is also used for helping the immune system.

What exactly is Maitake?

Maitake mushroom, Maitake mushroom powder

Maitake is defined as a polypore medicinal mushrooms, also named adaptogens.

Adaptogens is a definition of herbs, fungi or plants that boost the flexibility and adaptability of the person consuming them.

Maitake mushroom powder benefits: balances the body, improves the general health, life endurance and prolongs the life expectancy. Other maitake mushroom powder benefits are: immune system help and boost. Maitake mushroom supplements have antitumor, antioxidant, immunomodulatory and antioxidant health benefits. This is because it contains plenty of polysaccharides – beta-D-glucans, heteroglycans and glycoproteins.

Maitake has been used as a culinary item in Asia for hundreds of years. It has been very famous there also because it is an impressive superfood and a unique medicinal mushroom. The maitake mushroom powder benefits include the presence of prebiotic fiber that gives the opportunity for growth of beneficial bacteria within the gut microbiome. Other important maitake mushroom powder benefits are weight reduction support, immune function aid, cholesterol and hormones balancing.

What does maitake mushroom contain? There is a  numerous amount of vitamins B1,B2,B3, C, D, folate, choline, and the minerals – potassium, copper and zinc.

The most outstanding maitake mushroom powder benefits are blood pressure reduction, blood glucose sensitivity improvement, insulin sensitivity advancement, cholesterol levels balancing.

Maitake mushrooms may be used either as a supplement – extract powder or in a full form.

The following are the incredible maitake mushroom powder benefits:

Immune system boost

Maitake mushroom, Maitake mushroom powder

Maitake is often consumed to regulate the immunity. It strengthens the weakened drained immune system when it fights with autoimmune illnesses, allergies and allergic rhinitis. Maitake health advantages are also favorable in healing viral infections because this mushroom is antibacterial. Maitake mushroom extract has shown to improve recovery time in patients who used it when struggling with sicknesses.

Gut Health

Maitake mushroom has been tested to better gut microbial composition. Maitake consists of polysaccharides fibers which create protective compound in the intestinal flora. This leads to gut lining protection and betterment of the increasement of healthy bacteria.

Blood Sugar Balance

Maitake is useful for patients with diabetes. Its medical advantages have been researched broadly in the role of hypoglycemic agent, in other words – blood sugar reducing. Low blood glucose levels are an important factor that leads to type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, metabolic issues. The healthy diet that includes maitake mushroom aids maintaining healthy blood sugar levels which is evident. It important to underline that normal blood sugar depends not only on what is consumed, but also on the daily movement.

Insulin Resistance

Another of the maitake mushroom powder benefits is insulin signalling improvement which leads to better metabolic processes, energy levels improvement and normal weight management. Insulin resistances is connected to gestational diabetes and Maitake mushroom powder is constructive in the help to recover.

Cholesterol Lowering

Maitake mushroom is beneficial not only for cholesterol to become lower but also for arterial plaque formation. This mushroom has proven in animal researches to regulate fatty acid oxidation. This means that the cells can use fats to make energy – glucose. Another of the maitake mushroom powder benefits is decreasing atherosclerosis that leads to heart disease because it betters plasma cholesterol transport.


Maitake mushroom is promising in combating hypertension and high blood pressure. Researches with mice prove a decrease in blood pressure after the ingestion of maitake mushroom powder extract. These results suggest that the mushroom might aid in lowering blood pressure.

Healthy Aging 

Maitake is a promising mushroom for anti-aging because of its life longevity capabilities according to animal studies. It decreases reactive oxygen species that lead to DNA damage and cellular dysfunction.

Maitake mushroom is also available as an extract in capsules. offers this item – there are 120 capsules that are enough for either 2 or 4 months. The recommendation is for 1 or 2 capsules per day with water during the meal.

Maitake mushroom extract is of 100% mushroom - natural, bio, organic. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It consists of 30% beta-glucans. There are no GMO ingredients!

You can gain all the mentioned above health benefits by purchasing this item here:

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