How turkey tail helps athletic performance in the gym

How turkey tail helps athletic performance in the gym

There are many medicinal and functional mushrooms that are acknowledged for their healing and athletic benefits. One of the mushrooms is called Turkey tail. It is advertised because of its many different health advantages and sports performance aid.

Turkey Tail is also named by science Trametes Versicolor. It is an adaptive and resourceful fungus that grows mainly on stumps and and crumbling forest trees.
It is mainly found in forest areas in North America, but also in continental Europe, United Kingdom and all over Asia.

Turkey Tail has bright, colorful, semi-circular appearance that closely features a turkey’s tail

turkey tail

Due to this appearance it has earned its name. It is comparably easy to classify although there are few similar mushrooms.

Turkey Tail is among the many functional medicinal mushrooms but it has been most researched which makes it most practical and applicable including in the gym.

Turkey Tail is famous mostly because of two compounds – PSP and PSK. PSP is Polysaccharide Peptide and Polysaccharide Krestin.

Turkey tail is full of dietary fiber and antioxidants and contains sterols, triterpenes, organic acids, and alkaloids. This mushroom is similar to nutritive herbs. It is also full of vitamins, including vitamins A and D.

Researching of the medicinal advantages of mushrooms continues to gain more and more evidence and Turkey Tail mushroom continues to collect more and more scientific evidence for its properties for the health.

The main advantages of Turkey Tail mushrooms are: anti-cancer effects, immunomodulating activity, gut health aid, cardiovascular safeguard, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal response.

Turkey Tail is good for overall immune health. Lots of lab studies show that PSK and PSP in Turkey Tail boosts immune-modulating cells such as T- and B-cells, natural killer cells and cytokines that are pro-inflammatory. Latest human studies prove immune-boosting advantages of this mushroom. Turjey Tail immune support has been proven after one randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The study shows that the participants who took Turkey Tail capsules raised the T helper cells numeration and enlarged the cytokine production because of the expanded ratio of T helper to T suppressor / cytotoxic T cells.

Another exploratory randomized study proves that patients, who had human papillomavirus and took an extract of Turkey Tail mushroom mixed with other mushrooms, cleared the virus. 90% of the sick people recovered from this virus after two months of taking the natural supplement.

Researchers have found that Turkey Tail has immunomodulating effects in patients receiving treatments for various cancers. This is important because of the negative chemotherapy effects on the immune system.

It is important for the female patients to know that according to one clinical trial Turkey Tail has shown immunomodulatory effects in post-treatment breast cancer. Turkey Tail has been mixed with Danshen which led to the expansion of T-helper lymphocytes, T-helper, T-suppresor cytotoxic T-cells and increased B-lymphocytes.

Turkey Tail is good for the gut health

It has prebiotic capabilities.
Turkey Tail is good for the hearth health. It has the ability to decrease blood glucose and triglycerides, to better insulin resistance and lower lipid peroxidation, while leveling up antioxidants.

Tukey Tail is helpful not only for the sick people, but also for the healthy and active. Turkey Tail is not only a medicinal mushroom, but also an adaptogenic one.
Adaptogens are edible mushrooms ( also plants and herbs) that aid the body to fight stress and keep the balance.

Turkey Tail is among the best for people who exercise

turkey tail

It is a specific type of functional mushroom that work to reduce the stress in the body. Turkey Tail is safe and non-toxic at normal doses. It aids the body to fight with psychical stress. It helps the body to become calm and balanced.

Turkey Tail aids the athletes to train for longer periods to high-intensity exercise. The key is oxygen utilization boost – this means that takes and uses oxygen optimally.

Turkey Tail work on the central nervous system to help in a natural way against stress

Turkey Tail might expand ATP production that levels up cellular oxygen absorption. This leads to more energy so the workout would be longer and harder.

Adaptogenic mushrooms such as Turkey Tail helps athletes to train harder and recover faster

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