Are there mushrooms for your pet? Which extracts are good for them?

Are there mushrooms for your pet? Which extracts are good for them?

Does and which mushroom extracts are good for your pet?

There are 5 best mushrooms for dogs. They are: reishi, shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, cordyceps. Research shows they can better the immune system and a range of other important health advantages for dogs. They are quite social – combined they are a good fit and they have different healing benefits when used together.


mushrooms for your pet

Reishi mushrooms are also known as the mushrooms of immortality. Their advantages are immune-stimulation, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor. They are good for improvement of general health. When given to dogs reishi may support the improvement of heart health. It can better the functionality of the immune system. It can increase the liver function. It can prohibit antihistamine release. It can better the strength. It can also aid for pain relieve.

Reishi mushrooms are usually consumed to heal cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies, viral infections of the upper respiratory tract and immune system issues.


Shiitake mushrooms have 30 different enzymes and 10 amino acids. They also have minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and selenium. That makes them really remarkable when it comes to dog’s health. They boost white blood cells and better circulation. They can also prohibit tumor growth and lower cholesterol levels. Shiitake mushrooms may be taken to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, cure Cushing’s disease, support the relieve bronchial inflammation, regulate urination, lower allergy symptoms.

 mushrooms for your pet

Maitake mushroom means “dancing” mushroom in Japanese. These acknowledged to boost t-cells, prohibit tumor growth and lessen cholesterol. Maitake mushrooms are suitable for cancer prevention, chemotherapy and other cancer treatment, aid controlling diabetes, aid for dogs with liver issues.


Turkey Tail Mushrooms have plenty of beta-glucan polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are fundamental sugars in the body that help the activation of the immune system. They may aid the protection of the body from infections and disease resistance.

According to a new study about turkey tail mushroom for dogs with hemangiosarcoma, a component extracted from the mushroom helped dogs to survive the longest that has ever been reported with this cancer disease. Other advantages of turkey tail mushroom include: aid curing pulmonary disorders, healing the inflammation of the urinary and digestive tracts, lessen the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Wild Cordyceps mushrooms actually grow on caterpillars. This is the reason why they are expensive to harvest. But they are also cultivated by agriculture professionals. Cultivated mushrooms are not equal to wild ones in terms of effectiveness, but they are budget friendly. Cordyceps have antifungal and antibacterial benefits. They also sustain amino acids and polysaccharides.

According to researches cordyceps mushrooms have remarkable antitumor advantages. They have the ability to protect against liver and heart illnesses too. Cordyceps are also suitable for curing leaky gut syndrome, chronic liver disorders, hyper-lipedema, hypercholesterolemia, kidney issues, cardiac arrythmias, lung carcinoma, asthma, geriatric issues.


How to feed the dog with medicinal mushrooms?

Two good ways to feed your dog is to make a tea or broth with dried mushrooms or put powder in their food. Whole mushrooms should be well cooked when given to dogs. It is recommended to avoid giving raw mushrooms to dogs because they are very difficult to digest and more importantly, they could be toxic. They become safe when they are well cooked.

If you purchase powdered mushrooms or mushrooms in capsules as an extract the directions on the package should be followed. If the natural supplement is for humans, the dosage should be 150 lbs – 68 kilograms. The amount should be measured according to your dog’s weight. It is recommended to start with a lower dose and to be careful to avoid any digestive disorder.


Shiitake “Detox” Broth: it is best to cook it during or after a fast or if your dog has difficulties eating at all. 

Ingredients: 5 dried shiitake mushrooms, 1 beef bone, ¼ cup of daikon or beet root ¼ cup carrot, 1tsp sea salt, ¼ cup of sea salt, ¼ cup of celery, ½ tsp turmeric powder.

Preparation: Soak dried mushrooms to rehydrate in 1 cup of cold water overnight, put bone, vegetables, salt and turmeric in soup pot with 4 cups of water, bring to a slow boil for about an hour, add the mushrooms and water you soaked them in, boil slowly for another hour, then remove from the heat.

It is recommended to give 1 teaspoon to a tablespoon every few hours when he is not eating.

Mushroom Mix for Liver Disease: mix 2 tablespoons each of reishi, maitake, shiitake and turkey tail, add 118-119 ml hot water, Amino b-plex ( available for online purchases), keep it in the refrigerator

The dog should be given ½ ml per 2.27 kilograms of body weight two times per day. 

In conclusion : Reishi, shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, cordyceps are suitable to feed your dog when cooked properly.

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