How cordyceps improves athletic performance

How cordyceps improves athletic performance

Nowadays natural supplements are gaining popularity as a tempting option for athletic productivity. They can improve your natural capabilities in a safe and effective way. Cordyceps mushrooms are getting strength in the natural supplement space.

Wild cordyceps grow on caterpillars. Cordyceps have been used in Chinese medicine to treat illnesses with natural substances. More investigations show that it can better exercising  productivity and aid to boost immunity.

Cordyceps Boost Athletic Performance

This medicinal mushroom has been proven to raise energy levels. A new clinical study showed that two key components of energy production were raised when the participants used cordyceps. These compounds are called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and inorganic phosphate. ATP is a component that aids cells functionality and generates energy. This advantage is especially important for sports professionals who need energy for a long term because it provides a steady supply of power that will not result in a “crash” like a sugar high.

Cordyceps expands VO2 and Oxygen Admission. During intensive exercising VO2 max estimates how much oxygen the body has. A controlled research among healthy adult participants found that cordyceps raised their oxygen return. 

Ventilatory threshold is connected to the exercising intensity where breathing begins to raise to the point where lactate accumulates in the blood

More oxygen enters the body because the ventilatory threshold allows it. Cordyceps can expand the amount of oxygen in the body according to a research. This leads to the reduction of feeling of fatigue. Cordyceps intake for at least three weeks increased maximum oxygen admission while intense exercising in participants according to a research. Athletes are capable of longer and harder training before reaching weakness because cordyceps raises the time to exhaustion. 

According to the lastly mentioned study the raise of oxygen admission happens to be more helpful for athletes who are not as highly-trained. Advanced trained sports professionals might need a higher dosage of cordyceps medicinal mushroom to achieve the same value of health benefits.

Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom Reduces Fatigue. It has been used in Asian medical professionals against tiredness and better strength. Latest study shows that people may better high-intensity excercise after three weeks of taking the natural supplement cordyceps militaris. That advices that more powerful potential for benefits if has been carried on using it over longer periods of time.

A research on mice showed that cordyceps militaris medicinal mushroom aided fighting weakness and was estimated to increase stamina during swimming. More researching and studying is essential on the advantages and disadvantages of cordyceps. But after all this medicinal mushroom is a promising natural supplement for sports professionals who want to have higher stamina.

What are the types of cordyceps mushrooms?


The two major types of cordyceps are cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris. The have comparable nutrient figurations and advantages like brighten mood, decreasing stress and leveling up stamina while hard training.

Cordyceps Sinensis mushrooms are a kind of fungus that grows naturally in environments with high altitude like in the mountains in Asia – Tibet, Nepal, and China. Cordyceps Sinensis has been searched for thousands of years because of its vitality prolonging and stress reduction capabilities in Traditional Chinese medicine. Cordyceps sinensis medicinal mushrooms are rare native fungus and this is the reason why they are rather expensive. It is important to have in mind that cordyceps sinensis are not applicable as supplements because they are difficult to harvest due to harsh environmental variables. This leads to difficulties to produce them commercially.

Cordyceps militaris medicinal mushrooms are much less expensive and they have relatively the same effectiveness in harder exercising. Cordyceps militaris are harvested in a controlled laboratory environment with rice in comparison with cordyceps sinensis. The latest research techniques are implemented in the production process. The fruiting bodies of cordyceps militaris might also grow on oats which makes them easier to access and more affordable to find for anyone.

How to consume Cordyceps?


Sports professionals usually begin with 1 gram of this mushroom per day, either in a single dose or a few doses spread during the day. According to the age, weight and training level, many athletes moderately expand their dosage intake to 2-3 grams. Dosage varies because there is no fixed determination what is the adequate dose. It is recommended that cordyceps medicinal mushroom to be supplemented before a workout for the pre-workout performance boost to achieve the best effect.

Adding cordyceps may be the right choice to increase performance levels in the training routine of the athletes. Cordyceps are powerful mushrooms that improve sports performance, level up oxygen admission, decrease tiredness.

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