How Reishi mushroom supports vitality, longevity and restful sleep

How Reishi mushroom supports vitality, longevity and restful sleep

How Reishi mushroom supports vitality, longevity and restful sleep

Reishi is a mushroom also called Ganoderma Lucidum. Nowadays it is the most popular and highly admired superfood and a medicinal mushroom. It has been searched by Emperors, the Royalty of China, Korea, Japan. Reishi mushroom has been the top most used tonic herb for thousands of years in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Reishi is a medicinal mushroom defined as “supreme protector” – it is said that it protects not only psychical health, but also mental health.

This tonic is admirable because it promotes many amazing health benefits including potent immune-enhancing benefits, stress reduction and relief, it raises mood and joy, supports the major organ systems that life depends on – the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs.

Consuming Reishi mushroom for a long time reduces body weight and prolong life expectancy

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Reishi is famous not only in Asia, but also in Western Europe as the most effective anti-stress herb. It is used on a daily basis to calm the mind, ease the tension, better the memory, focus and concentration. Reishi medicinal mushroom promotes healthy sleep.

Reishi is also named “Mushroom of Immortality”. China’s first self-defined emperor Shih Huang Ti has spent his entire life searching for “the elixir of immortality”. He has sent admiral Hsu Fu and youths to search for this herb. It is said that they reached Japan and the admiral proclaimed himself king and never returned.

Can Reishi make you immortal? It cannot, but is a powerful superfood and it has scientifically proven longevity and anti-ageing benefits. It may be the most probable mushroom to extend your lifetime and give you a long and peaceful life.

Longevity superpowers of Reishi medicinal mushroom

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The first and most important reishi medicinal advantage is the support of the immune system. Reishi contains over 200 different polysaccharides and is a strong tonic for strengthening the immune system.

Reishi medicinal mushroom is effective against flu. It could also be used to reduce the chances of spreading the illness from you or somebody else. Reishi balances the immune system when you are sick but it is not an immune stimulant.

Reishi might be helpful in Cancer Therapy. It has been traditionally used for a long time for the treatment of cancer with lots of scientific evidence for its claims.

Reishi medicinal mushroom has proven to be beneficial for numerous cancers including prostate and breast. The polysaccharides it contains are immune-supporting, especially Beta-D-glucans, and triterpenes have shown potent anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic work against cancer cell lines. It might also help preventing the growth of tumour.

Reishi is one of the best adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are an exceptional adaptogens that have proven over hundreds of years to support the human body to adapt to stress and balances the metabolic processes. Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors. Reishi medicinal mushroom is and immune modulator. It can be compared to modern Western “immuno-therapy” in Europe.

Stress is one of the biggest underlying factors in disease. Stress actually can create illnesses. Reishi is an effective medicinal mushroom for stress reduction and helps against anxiety and depression. Probably the most important health benefit of reishi is calming and stress-reducing ability. That makes it an effective natural supplement to keep the mental health strong against the fast-paced and over-stressed busy work lives of the contemporary European citizens. 

Reishi boosts energy and lowers fatigue. It expands psysiological energy production. This tonic is not a stimulant, it is like adaptogen, it helps the body function normally and stay balanced. The results of this is natural increase of vitality.

Reishi is effective against cardiovascular diseases that are one of the leading causes of death in the developing world today. This medicinal mushroom is high in antioxidants and other substances that are a strong benefit for hearth health.

Reishi is one of the most effective liver tonics. It has been used in China for thousands of years to protect against liver disease. This mushroom has hepatoprotective advantages and it is helpful against the damage of alcohol consumption.

Restful sleep is of a huge importance of overall health. Clinical researches has proven that reishi helps to calm the nervous system and makes the sleeping process easier. It has been used in Japan and China to improve the quality of sleep and help lessen anxiety. The terpenoid compounds of reishi have a cooling effect on the nerves and stimulate a sedative action that can positively effect neurasthenia and insomnia. It is known that reishi boosts slow wave sleep, also named deep sleep.

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