Maitake mushroom powder: the secret to fighting health problems

Maitake mushroom powder: the secret to fighting health problems

Maitake mushroom – what is this?

The word “Maitake” comes from Japanese language and it means – dancing mushroom. It is told that the name of the mushroom came from people who have found it in the wild and danced happily because of its unique healing properties.

Maitake mushroom is a kind of adaptogen. When the human body has physical or psychological issues adaptogens support it in the fight against them. Adaptogens are effective in regulating the unbalanced body systems. Maitake is used for cooking because of its distinguished taste. But most importantly, it is also recognized as a medicinal mushroom.

Maitake powder

Maitake mushroom grows wild in Asia and America, and more specifically – Japan, China and North America. Maple, Oak and Elm are the trees that host this mushroom to grow. It is possible to cultivate and grow Maitake mushroom also at home. But it usually does not grow as well as in the wilderness. Maitake is most often found in September, October and November.

Maitake mushroom has been used in the far East of Asia for thousands of years. In the last 20 years it has become famous in the USA and most recently it becomes a trend in Western Europe. Maitake is appreciated for its benefits related with life longevity, vitality and general health.

Maitake mushroom powder benefits

Maitake has better results than other mushrooms in cancer prevention and treatment and other health issues. In addition this mushroom betters the overall immunity. 

What do maitake mushrooms contain? They have plenty of antioxidants, beta-glucans, vitamins B and C, copper, potassium, fiber, minerals and amino acids. 

Other maitake mushroom powder benefits: fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, cholesterol-free. 

The particular way maitake reflects on general health and its anti-illness actions is still studied and continued to be studied by the experts.

Maitake Mushroom Powder Benefits and Health Supportive Properties 

Maitake powder

Maitake supports healthy blood sugar levels. On study of lab animals shows that when a water-soluble extract of this mushroom is given to the animals their insulin response was better, and the insulin and blood sugar levels were in a healthy norm. Maitake medicinal mushroom supports metabolic health.

Maitake mushroom helps maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels. This rich in fibers mushroom supports the digestion effectively. The healthier blood cholesterol levels because of this mushroom were proven by lab animals research.

Another one of the maitake mushroom powder benefits is gut flora improvement. The fibers in this mushroom are prebiotic. The polysaccharides aid the microbial variety giving the opportunity for growth of useful bacteria and support the overall gut flora.

Research Results:

According to laboratory research maitake might be effective in treatment of some of the illnesses. The current findings are promising but more tests are needed to confirm the effect of maitake mushroom benefits on humans.

The D-fraction of Maitake mushroom may be useful in the prevention and treatment breast cancer according to a study from 2013. Scientists suppose that this mushroom aid against the cancerous cells growth and reproduction.

Maitake mushroom is proven to overcome tumor growth in mice

More importantly it could also raise the number of cells that confront and battle the tumor. It is supposed that if taken orally by humans maitake could be effective in managing cancer.

The D-fraction in maitake that is an extract shows effectiveness in killing human cancer cells according to an earlier study. It works when combined with a protein that is also useful for cancer additional treatment. Maitake accomplished raising the effectiveness of the protein.

Another of the mushroom powder benefits is related to the cholesterol. It lowered the cholesterol levels in mice according to a study from 2013. In addition it boosted the fatty acids to produce more energy. This result gave the scientists a theory that maitake mushroom when eaten might help to maintain the arteries so they could stay healthy.

Maitake mushroom powder benefits are also related to type 2 diabetes

According to a study from 2015 Maitake mushroom may have a healthy effect on rats with type 2 diabetes. The glucose levels of the rats have been balanced during the study because of the maitake mushroom. This leads to the potential to heal type 2 diabetes in humans.

Maitake mushroom powder benefits for other illnesses: it may be useful in curing cold and flu viruses, high or low blood pressure, immune function, side effects of chemotherapy.

Maitake is also available in the form of capsules. offers maitake mushroom extract capsules that are natural, bio, organic, without GMO ingredients. 

Recommendation: 1 or 2 capsules per day with water during the meal. There are 120 capsules that are enough for 2 months if the maximum amount per day is taken. Otherwise they are enough for 4 months.

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