Maitake for your Heart Health

Maitake for your Heart Health

Edible mushrooms like Maitake are a beneficial source of fibers, vitamins, minerals. Maitake has become trendy also because of its distinct flavor, aroma and culinary features. Lately, Maitake has become increasingly tempting as a functional food for its potential positive impact on health, including heart health. Also food industry is specifically interested in cultivated and wild edible mushrooms including Maitake.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death in Europe.

maitake heart health

Several researches have shown the positive impact of mushrooms consumption on some metabolic markers that potentially might reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. The metabolic markers are total, LDL, HDL cholesterol, fasting triacylglycerol, homocysteine, blood pressure, homeostatic function, oxidative and inflammatory damage. Mushrooms have important dietary aspects – rich in fibres, low in fat with low unsaturated fatty acids, low sodium content. There are also essential responsible agents for some hitherto healthy properties. They are phenolic compounds, sterols, triterpenes and others.

There is a supposed positive impact of mushroom consumption on heart illnesses risk markers. It is also presumed that there are bioactive compounds that play an important role in the processes.

Edible mushrooms such as Maitake have become increasingly popular as medicinal and functional foods for their probable useful effects on heart health

maitake heart health

Certainly, there are some mushroom compounds that play a significant role in cardiovascular disease prevention and also treatment of heart sicknesses.

Mushrooms are described as fungi with special and noticeable fruiting bodies that may grow above or below the earth surface. Asian cultures have used mushrooms such as Maitake not only as a food, but also as a medical source since hundreds, even thousands of years. Lately cultivated and edible wild mushrooms have been divided from medicinal mushrooms by the industry. Cultivated and wild mushrooms are used either directly or not directly as food or ingredient. Chaga is used as both food and a natural supplement. It has a distinctive taste, aroma and valuable components. Chaga is a useful part of the healthy diet. Its culinary value is based on its texture and flavor with characteristic odor. Chagas nutritional health benefits rely on the high protein concentration, plenty of fibers, vitamins, minerals. Chaga is low on fat. The amino acid content of Chaga proteins is similar to animal proteins. Which is of a significant priority to counterpart the high intake of animal protein foods especially in Europe. Edible mushrooms originally consist of plenty of different bioactive components like eritadenine and phenolic compounds.

The International Life Sciences Institute defines the food as functional if it affects beneficially target functions in the body, beyond adequate nutritional effects, in a way that is relevant to either an improved state of health and well-being and/or reduction of risk of disease. Studies acknowledge that various mushroom species are of a value in the prevention and treatment of numerous illnesses. Accordingly mushrooms can be described as a functional food. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is helpful for heart health as an additional natural supplement for prevention.

Last years cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death across European countries

Cardiovascular illnesses are mainly caused by atherosclerosis. The properties of edible mushrooms can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Based on the evidence available from 833 studies,  this review purposes to describe in a more detailed way the potential preventive effects of mushrooms on cardiovascular risks and to mediate between doctors and patients.

The beneficial cardiovascular effects of edible mushroom intake are not consistent at all. However there is some evidence that potential blood pressure reduction or alternation of lipid profiles may exist. More researches are needed to explore the potential benefits of edible mushrooms on cardiometabolic diseases.

Maitake is a Japanese mushroom rich in important nutrients and beta-glucans that make it an exclusive superfood. It balances blood sugar levels and supports the cellular health. Maitake provides healthy metabolism. It helps the immune system and promotes a healthy glycemic balance. Maitake is used for health management. Last but not least, maitake is helpful for heart health. 

An effective way to consume maitake is taking mushroom extracts. It makes safe all the mushroom benefits are taken into place excluding the extra preparation. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules per day during the meal. 

It should be avoided during pregnancy, breastfeeding, history of low blood sugar, during intake of blood sugar-lowering medicines, account of low blood pressure, during blood pressure-lowering medicine intake. Also - autoimmune diseases, bleeding disorders, surgery in the following 2 weeks or 2 weeks after surgery.

Maitake Extract Capsules are offered here: 

They are a natural supplement, extract of 100% mushroom. It is convenient for any dietary restrictions. There are no GMO ingredients. 1 - 2 capsules per day are enough for maintaining good health, including heart health.

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